JSR Associates, Inc. & Patapsco Woodworks, Inc.

“Leisters is the ideal source for furnishings in the independent living community,” says Jane Rohde. And she would know. As principal of JSR Associates, a consulting firm providing services for the marketplace, Ms. Rohde is a noted expert and designer of Leisters’ award-winning Access Table.

“Leisters’ quality, warranty, ability to customize for size and style, plus the flexibility of their price points are all good reasons to do business with them. My experience with the development of the Access Table also demonstrated that they have a genuine commitment to creating functional furniture that provides the look and feel of residential living,” she added.

Inspiration for the Access Table came to Ms. Rohde after visiting a “dear friend” in a skilled nursing center who was having great difficulty dining at a traditional table.

“I decided right then that it was time for a paradigm shift. We created the Access Table, with its slide-out trays that allows wheelchair bound have the table adjust to them, rather than the other way around.”

The Leisters’ manufactured Access Table received the award for “most innovative product” by Long Term Living Magazine.

Jane Rohde
Principal, JSR Associates, Inc.
President, Patapsco Woodworks, Inc.